Individual Therapy

Helping you to live your best life.

We will work to provide you with safety, clarity, connection, and direction in individual counseling. As we move forward, we will focus on the reasons why you sought counseling and how we can help you disempower and engage the struggles that you are facing. We will then create a path to the future and quality of life you are seeking.

Through individual counseling, we strive to help our clients to uncover, express, and then re-cast their life story. The purpose of this is to allow you the freedom to understand current situations, to grieve what may be lost, and to move forward with unprecedented strength and confidence. The ultimate goal for the end of our therapy sessions is far more than just relief of stress. We want to teach you how to establish healthy boundaries and relationships in your life and offer you the tools that you need to do so. Our goal is for your relationships to thrive, your communications to be effective and clear, and for you to experience a full release from your past and the things that are weighing you down. There is a freedom that comes in releasing these things that hold you back, allowing you to live the best life possible.