Group Therapy

This is ideal for like-minded individuals such as firefighters, nurses and teachers, just to name a few.

Group Photo

While the idea of sharing your personal challenges in a group may sound overwhelming to some, group therapy can be very effective and group members are often taken aback by how much they enjoy and benefit from the experience. In fact, for certain issues, group therapy may be the preferred mode of treatment. With the support of your group, you can naturally become more self-aware, develop better communication strategies, improve relationship skills, and gain healthier coping mechanisms.

We have customized groups for law enforcement, teachers, firefighters, and nurses. These individuals face challenges that many cannot understand and there is a unique empowerment and growth that occurs when these like-minded individuals come together! This is just to name a few, but know that there are several types of groups available, and each is tailored to fit that group’s needs and goals!